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General Contact Information

There are lots of places to find out about me on the Internet. I’ve tried to include the most important places you can look to get some idea of what I’m about, where I’ve been and where I’d like to go. I have avoided putting email addresses in a form that can be used by email harvesters in an attempt to limit the amount of spam I receive. You can easily tell what they should be by examining them, and if you really want to send me email that’s not spam, feel free to do so.


Email contact information for Milan Vydareny.
Address Type Email Address
Personal and social wanderer at
NPO Premier Ltd—Business Milan at
Odradek Theatre Company—Business VydarenyM at
VydarenyM at


Principal websites about Milan Vydareny.
Name and Link Comments
NPO Premier Ltd. My consulting business website.
LinkedIn Serious and professional.
Plaxo Address and contact management.
Blogger My blog. Same one is mentioned elsewhere on this site.
Google Google is labyrinthian and their software is really buggy.
Classmates Should be more widely used than it is.
Flickr Photos My content was marked “Safe.”
Flickr Profile About me rather than the photo stream.
YouTube Only a few things up here.
Theater Pros  
Amazon Kindle  
Facebook A little edgy and sometimes controversial.
Twitter The ultimate in babble.