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Photo Record

In this age of little cameras in every imaginable device, a photo or two is a must to document and reinforce your position. In a case like this, bordering as it does on the confrontational, several photos are in order. Since my cell phone is deceased, I couldn't very well us it to take a selfie of itself, now could I? Fortunately I have other devices that will take photos.

The Game

Somewhere, during our chat, I told Nathan that I had taken a comprehensive set of photos to document the condition of my corpus delicti. He thanked me for “disclosure.”

What I really believe is that a transcript of our chat will be given to the technician that eventually gets to attempt repair. They are hoping for clues that will give them an escape from repairing the device under warranty. In other words, they’re looking for a slip or trip that will give them an excuse to deny the warranty claim.

I had the option of getting a copy of that chat via email. I took it, and have it filed carefully away.


Samsung and I now both have a copy of the chat transcript. Samsung has been put on notice that I will try to protect my position with photos and other evidence. Bring on the OK Corral.

Kije Front ViewHe looks good, doesn't he, lying there with no cracks on his face? I feel like I’m attending a wake with my grandmother, who knew everyone for what seemed miles surrounding our Northwest Side home. I was constantly taking her to funerals where she would drag me down to the casket to view the deceased, as though I had known them during their lifetime.

Kije InsidesHere’s his insides, showing the battery, SD card and stylus (peeking out of it’s sleeve at the lower left of the main body of the unit. They do manage to cram lots of stuff in a small amount of space. Most of what’s there, you can’t see. What is visible here is the main body, the back to the left, the battery and the SD card (the very small black square with tiny white printing just above the battery.)

Kije Battery MoistureThe point of this photo is the moisture indicator on the battery. Samsung makes a point of the fact that if the unit has been exposed to excessive moisture (whatever that means short of dropping it into a toilet) it will not fall under warranty service. The photo shows the battery contacts (four small, closely-spaced rectangles on the left) and the moisture indicator (the single, white rectangle on the right.) White is good. It means no moisture. Some of them also show a series of red Xs that fade to pink if exposed to moisture.

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