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Peer Pressure

Insidious and pervasive, Peer Pressure drives much of the American economy and an even greater percentage of the youth economy. If your friends are doing it, it must be good, right? You don't want to be an outlier, do you? So it is with smart phones: If you have one, you are in constant communion with the holy grail of social activity, your beloved friends. Young people who can't afford to get dental care will opt instead for a cell phone, just because to be without one will effectively isolate you from the rest of the world.

Drug dealers, of course, make excellent use of their cell phones.

Who Are the Peers

Oddly, peers aren't exactly who you might think. Certainly if you're a twenty-something or less, your peers are other callow twenty-somethings. But there are plenty of other sources. Here are a few:

Who Are Peers Not?

I know of two outliers in the sea of consumers that worship at the altar of the cell phone tower:

Where Did I Stray From the Path of Reason?

All of that being said, why did I do something like commit to a large sum of money for all the wrong reasons? I guess I was either stupid or the victim of old age. I make no excuses. The principal fault is mine, and mine alone. It was a very dumb thing to do.

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