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Gethsemane Garden Center Art Fair 2011

Gethsemane TorsoI got up Saturday morning (August 13, 2011) and as usual my clock radio was tuned to WFMT, Chicago's Classical Music station. I believe that the announcer was Kerry Frumkin. He told us that WFMT was broadcasting from the Gethsemane Garden Center until noon. (At least, I thought he said "noon.")

To Gethsemane

I got up and resolved to head over to Gethsemane and take a few photos of the remote broadcast. I like Gethsemane, anyway. I took a Foster Avenue 92 bus to Clark and waited over 20 minutes for a Clark Street 22 bus up to Gethsemane. I should have simply taken a Damen Avenue 50 bus which, because of its erratic route, would have dumped me off a short half-block away from Gethsemane without the long wait for the Clark Street bus. But I didn't think that far in advance.

At the Fair

When I got there, around 11:15 AM, the remote broadcast had ended and the engineers were packing up the equipment. I took some photos of the engineers struggling with their gear. Then I took some photos of the artists' tents and even a couple of photos of artists. Mostly I took photos of Gethsemane. It's an incredibly enjoyable place. Everything is top quality and their merchandising is second to none. I've never seen a garden center anywhere with the quality and class of Gethsemane. Check the photo gallery for yourself and see.

Photo Gallery

To see the photos of the Gethsemane Garden Center Art Fair 2011, click here. It opens a new browser window.